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Our Approach

Discover Digimax – conscientious collaboration, vital communication

You’ve rallied your best minds, rattled cages and held meetings.  You’ve isolated weak links in a strong chain and are ready to make decisions.  You want a pro-active design service. One that listens to your requirements and concerns.

Digimax believes our clients are experts on their businesses, and as such, are essential collaborators. Informal exchanges - open, honest and often - assure that project requirements are met and that decisions remain true to your original intent and vision.  We respect the commitment to succeed, inherent in every business, and match that commitment to create a common goal.

We view collaboration as an opportunity to take your plans and ideas beyond common imagination.  Most projects begin as undefined needs, with blurred edges, but a solid core.  Pursuing the refinement of any project means we listen, work with you and create what we know will work for you.  Our flexibility of purpose is found at every point, as we encourage and respond to your feedback.

We feel it is vital to ensure that throughout our collaboration you have full control of your artwork and project.  We support this further, by providing our clients with a unique, industry-first online artwork proofing system capable of bringing an immediacy of review that is unmatched elsewhere. Our artwork proofing system not only allows you to manage, review, comment, approve and track progress on all your design projects, it can also send a text message to your mobile phone once we have updated your design!

Collaboration may be interpreted by other designers as, 'you tell us what you want and we will create it' - which often does not work, since most projects at the outset have blurred edges. We will take your plans and ideas above and beyond what they were meant to be. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised to see their business represented in a way they previously imagined.

Not only will we listen to and work with you, we will create what we know will work for you. And rest assured, you will never face artistic tantrums if you make changes or provide feedback. After all, this is what working with us is all about.

Digimax believes research is vital to the success of every project.  Our in-depth analysis of your target audience often with reference to the ACORN (Geodemographic classifaction), your competitors and your products ensures media solutions designed specifically for your market.  Our scrutiny of pertinent commercial information guarantees a profitable response.  This dedicated approach culminates in design solutions that:

  • Top your competitors.
  • Radiate a shared commitment to success and create a vital, common goal.
  • Relate directly to your company - captivating your customers
  • Precisely deliver your message to the target audience
  • Consistently and reliably develop new business

While aesthetic design is important, Digimax believes that every design element must reinforce your brand identity and sharpen the point of your message.