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This year brings a lot of exciting changes in the technological landscape that concerns business websites, including dental websites. Among the most significant updates is the latest mandate of Google that website designs must be mobile-friendly. Starting this year, whether a website is mobile-oriented or not will affect its ranking in Google searches. Google now marks websites that are updated accordingly.

It is therefore of paramount significance to make your dental SEO services available in mobile format if you want to get ahead in the game and rank much higher in Google searches. To determine if your website is friendly for mobiles, simply use the diagnostic tool provided by Google.

Mobile SEO - Optimise for Google's Mobile Index

Dentist website search engine optimisation will benefit from having a mobile-friendly format. There are actually two options you can choose from to make your website mobile-friendly. First is having a separate dental website dedicated to mobile users. You have a main website, and a second one dedicated to smaller screens. The second is having the design of your existing website become mobile-responsive. Google prefers the second.

The second option, a design that is mobile-responsive, is where the website adjusts to the size of the device’s screen and adapts accordingly. This is a capability which converts the website’s navigation menu and turns it into buttons. It resizes its content in order to make reading easier on a smaller screen. A good design also integrates a call feature.

In contrast, a website that is not mobile-responsive will have a poor view in Smartphone screens and tablets. To navigate effectively in such a website means lots of inconvenience in zooming and pinching, just to squeeze out its content and be able to read it.

A mobile-responsive website will automatically adjust to whatever screen it is being viewed from, whether this is an iPad or a tablet, a desktop PC, or a mobile phone. The navigation controls become button and call menus that the user can automatically take advantage of. It will do away with moving the website around as well as zooming and pinching.

Dental Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Services

It is rewarding to use the new technology to upgrade the capabilities of your dental website. It will also greatly reward your SEO efforts because mobile-responsive websites are ranked higher by Google in its searches. The spiders will identify your upgrade and place you ahead of the competition.

In addition, it is predicted that searches using mobile devices may actually surpass searches by desktops and laptops by this year. This is an even greater incentive to upgrade your website and make it friendly for mobile devices. This will significantly increase its visibility to your target market.

It is way past time to modernize your dentist SEO website. Call your website designer and make the necessary changes today.  This is the perfect opportunity to expand your business and your practice and keep you ahead of the game. Your clients will love you for it, and soon enough, you will see that new clients and business growth are sure to follow.