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Digimax: Creating Dental Practice Websites That Get Results

Competition for dental patients is on the rise, so dentists in the UK are establishing or upgrading their practice websites. The Digimax dental marketing team can build you a web presence that will expand your reach, build your patient roster, and deliver lasting results. Here’s how.

Logical organisation and navigation

Have you ever visited a site and promptly clicked off because the navigation was haphazard and the information grouping made no sense? It happens a lot.

We understand that clarity and user-friendliness are essential when it comes to turning visitors into clients. Our dentist websites make it easy for future patients to find what they’re looking for. The moment someone accesses your home page, they see clearly designated menus and logically-grouped content. If they need a dentist who specialises in cosmetic services or offers sedation options to anxious patients, they’ll be able to quickly determine that you’re an excellent match for their dental health needs.

High-visibility dentist SEO

An amazing website does you little good if patients can’t find it. The dentist SEO (search engine optimisation) experts at Digimax use effective white-hat tactics, such as keyword research, quality backlinks, and carefully crafted Meta tags, to improve the quality and volume of visitor traffic to your site.

All the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, have their own algorithms they use to index websites. We optimise your dental website to improve your chances of a high ranking on the search engine result pages.

Eye-catching and intuitive dental logos

Our team of professional designers works closely with you to create a logo that epitomises your unique practice. All possibilities are taken into consideration during the design process for dental logos (print, digital, motion graphics) so that the final result catches patient attention wherever it appears.

Relevant and trustworthy content

The best dentist websites inform and educate both current and prospective patients. Digimax has an experienced team of in-house copywriters who are thoroughly familiar with the dental profession and can create web copy that persuasively describes your services. We explain the benefits of regular check-ups, crowns, veneers, wrinkle softening systems, and other dental treatments in a way that eliminates fear or uncertainty and inspires action.

To further build trust and credibility, we help you prepare testimonials from satisfied clients, create a smile gallery that highlights your successes, and even put together a short video that introduces you, your staff, and your dental practice.

Online appointment booking

Most prospective patients work during the day and often on the run, making it difficult to call for an appointment during office hours. Digimax accommodates these clients by allowing them to request appointments directly through your website. The results of an online booking form can be emailed to your office, where your staff will review the request and contact the patient to confirm appointment details. Allowing patients to book an appointment in a manner that suits their busy schedule will inspire them to visit your office when they need dental care.